A Mind-Blank

A Mind-Blank

I can’t find it, where it is I do not know,

I’m sure I saw it, just a little while ago.

Searching high, searching low, is it here or is it there?

Under this or behind that chair.

A real mystery to be solved, is there an imp playing a role,

Maybe a Bermuda-Triangle or even a Black-Hole.

Could it be with that missing sock, in the washing machine,

Two went in dirty and only one came out clean.

I search my memory, to recall a clue,

Then I realize there is only one thing to do.

Eureka! I’ll re-trace my steps, it should be easy to find,

Given the right stimuli, I’m sure it will spring to mind.

There it is, no mystery here, the matter’s at a close,

It was here all the time, right under my very nose.

Alan Friday

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