Swimming Laps

Swimming Laps

On go the bathers, pick up the goggles

Outside to the vista, panoramic and fresh

Early morning mist, rising from the pool

Cold air on skin, covered in a cool moist mesh

Stand on the edge, adjust the goggles

A moment for contemplation

The time arrives, push-off, take the plunge

The surface breaks, in rushes a sudden sensation

Breathe-in breathe-out, for warmth the body cries

Stroke after stroke, steady through the pace

Reach-out, catch, push and glide, magically acclimatize

A warm feeling grows, the whole body encased

The final touch arrives, laps at an end

Head to the changerooms, brave the cold fresh air

Warm-up under a hot shower, remain for a while

The feeling gets better, stay as long as I dare

Finally get dry and make my way home

Muscles are humming, I now feel in-tune

There’s never a regret, after having a swim

For that warm relaxed feeling, there will always be room

Alan  Friday

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