Heads in the Sand

Heads in the Sand

Deserts are getting bigger,

mass deforestation and clearing.

Coral reefs getting smaller,

now disappearing.

Disasters, man-made and natural,

no longer easy to tell apart.

Every day, in world news,

reports are off the chart.

We blame El Nino or local reasons,

why things are going wrong.

Easily explaining the changing seasons.

and where the animals have gone.

Our heads are in the sand,

treating each symptom as if unrelated.

We don’t recognize it as a global problem,

conveniently under-rated.

Localized solutions and band-aids.

will no longer do.

To solve this problem, stop blaming El Nino,

take a wider view.

Look at the big picture;

view the problem at the source.

Uncontrolled waste and pollution,

a lavish lifestyle without remorse.

We could get out of our comfort zone,

stop saying ‘Whats in it for me?’

But hey! that’s too hard, can’t act now,

lets just wait and see!

Alan  Friday

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