Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business

Planet Earth is blue, Mars is red

From primitive monkey, I powered ahead.

I aped Mother Nature, to see how she worked.

She taught me almost everything, I had a real thirst.

One of my biggest advances, my own creation I made.

Economics was born, and I began to trade.

Big corporations developed, profit replaced basic need.

I reverse engineered the planet, not for knowledge but

for greed.

I repaid Mother Nature, by raping her bare.

What I didn’t use was ruined, not to mention the air.

I messed up her cycles, had little comprehension.

I made GM food, went beyond natural selection.

In my arrogance I decided, I’d terra-form Mars.

Just apply my knowledge, and reach for the stars.

I’ve had experience destroying, just one blue planet.

Simply turn-it-round, reverse it, and there I should have


One thing is for certain, and it’s not final success

Banish the profit mentality, or settle for another

planetary mess.

Alan  Friday

Animation supplied through the courtesy of;
mikes freegifs
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