Human or Humane (…seems we cannot be both)

Two news stories that appeared last week have provided me with mixed feelings about human nature. Firstly the Tasmanian ‘thugs’ who went to jail for punching, maiming and killing kangaroos. That one made me instantly angry.

Then my thoughts wandered to the hundreds of kangaroos killed on our roads. Occasionally someone will check a pouch for a joey but, on the whole, we don’t even stop to make sure they’re dead or to put them out of their misery. That would take too much time. This animal appears on our national coat-of-arms and is our unofficial national mammal emblem. This would indicate that we are proud of it. Yet we happily run it over and leave it to suffer! Pest or no pest, there appears to be a sort of double standard there.

The second story of the day also gave me mixed feelings. When a matador got gored by the bull he had intended to sport with and eventually kill. I felt for the matador. What a thought, having his head impaled by horns. I don’t like to see any one hurt whilst doing their job. Ha ha! tee hee hee! chuckle chuckle!!!

I also experienced very strong feelings of satisfaction for the bull. ‘Score one for the bulls!!! ‘Not quite a win, as the bull was still going to die. It reminded me of the cartoon where the field mouse is standing there giving the finger to the swooping eagle. The caption reads ‘A Last Great Act of Defiance’.

I thought that if kangaroos had horns, it might protect them. Then I realized that such a solution would only work to encourage someone like the matadors to fight them. (What an image!)

I don’t like the cruelty in any of the above situations. The only thing in the matadors favor, is that at least, the bull gets butchered and eaten afterwards (as happens to most animals in nature). The animals would still get maimed and hurt, only this time for a different motive.

Despite my mixed feelings, I concluded that there is very little difference between the matador, the insensitive driver or the thug. They all deliberately cause pain and suffering for no reasons other than ‘saving time’, ‘a need for perverse entertainment’ or a, so called, ‘sporting challenge’.

We are often fed  lofty thoughts about our position as ‘stewards of the planet’ and about being ‘humane’ but what always outs, in the end, is ‘human nature’. We are after all, just a simple animal with grand but selfish ideas.

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