De Fing dat woz Flung

De Fing dat woz Flung


De fing dat was flung, bewonged t me mum,
She woz berry berry sad!

When dad got home, e tanned me bum,
He woz berry angwy n mad.

Had tears in m ayes, i sed sowy t mum,
Dint mean t be norty or bad.

Afta a kiss on the cheek, n a bery big hug,
we all dwove off t see gwany.

Wid angwy faces and me num-bum, soon all forgot,
Gwan told us a storwy bout dad.

De fing dat was flung bewonged t me gwany,
Boy was gwandad mad!

Dad went wed, n pwetended t b angwy,
n a good larf in d end, we all ad.

Alan Friday

Animation supplied through the courtesy of;
mikes freegifs

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