….. a prickly little character …..


We all have those times when seemingly inanimate objects come to life and get in the way. Usually, when we are in a rush. Although I am aware that I could cure most delays or frustrations by just slowing down, I like to give these objects that human persona and blame them. (Those little bug….rs!!!!)

One, in particular, seems to sneak up and grab me every time I use the lawnmower to cut the edges. I’m not sure if he or she is being vengeful, trying to intimidate the gardener or is lonely and trying to be intimate.

Either way I have given it the well deserved name of  Inani-mate’. Although she/he doesn’t talk very much, I am reminded regularly and painfully that there is a mate, always there, reaching out to me.

🙂 I hope you enjoy these pictures of the very friendly Inani…. 🙂

Inani.. dressed.

Inani.. undressed!

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  1. I love this! It’s very good to know I’m not the only one who finds certain images in things that really are not meant to appear in such ways. This one has made my day. How completely cute is that! Keep up the great work. Light & Blessings.

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