My Friend Sol and Another Day in Paradise

My sleep-in days have finished. I’ve reached the age now where once awake, I have to get up. As I get older I find I cannot just lay there and go back to sleep. May as well get up and do something. It’ s early, dark, fresh and another day begins!

Two days in three,  up early, 4.30am,  go for a jog to the nearest pool and  have  a swim. I am a casual worker so, if I am working I make my way home (by bus)  and get ready to go to work. If not, it’s a relaxing walk home from the pool.

I don’t like running in the evenings. I find running in the mornings much better. You are fresh from a good nights sleep, conditions are always refreshing and unlike an evening run,  there is not a multitude of daily thoughts running around your head.

Once dressed and ready, I walk  one block to arrive at the local ‘Subway’ store just as they unlock the doors (7.00am).  I order a ‘foot-long’ wrapped  in two halves, half for breakfast and the other half for lunch.

On the way to the bus stop I take my phone out and get a picture of my friend ‘Sol’, as he  peeks over the distant hills to say ‘Good-Morning’.

Here are a few pictures  of  ‘Sol’ greeting me in the morning ;




I have to keep walking while I take the photos as the time-frame between Subway opening its doors and my bus coming around the corner is very tight. It was a lot easier when they opened at 6.30am. I could take my time. Although I suspect that the Subway staff would prefer to open a  half hour later.

More often than not as I near the roundabout, about 75 metres from my bus stop, the bus comes around the corner. I begin to run. The bus driver usually signals me, with a smile and a wave, to say ‘Slow down, I’ve seen you.’ 

The bus is so prompt, we regularly share a joke about her hiding around the corner, waiting, until I’ve come into view. I have not yet missed the bus and been forced to go to ‘Plan B’, however It’s bound to happen sooner or later…..

After work I often  make my way to the nearest watering hole for a good Guinness or two. I call this my proverbial ‘short-cut home’. More of a psychological short-cut, as physically it often involves traveling a few kilometres further. It is well worth traveling a little further to get a good Guinness,  find a quiet corner where I can read a good book and just chill in silence.

Having wound down and left the noises of work far behind, I then make my way home.  I emerge from the watering hole to find my friend ‘Sol’ waiting to say goodbye to another day. It’s dusk, getting late and  I’m well satisfied at the end of  ‘another day in paradise’.

A few more pictures of  ‘Sol’,  saying goodbye !



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    • Jerry Crain
    • June 6th, 2012

    Muchos Gracias for your post.Thanks Again. Great.

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