Evolution, Hunters, Providers and Unemployment

Cave dweller – man;

Hunting, fighting and procreating, the 3 major roles that later contributed to  modern day man’s reputation of being mono-focused and only being able to concentrate on one or two things at a time.

Cave dweller –  woman;

Taking care of home fires, children, elderly , digging yams and doing everything else.These roles have since  given her the reputation of being the  multi-skilled sex. Being able to handle multiple tasks at the same time.

Older people of both sexes would pass on their survival expertise to the next generation.


At that time the above  mechanisms complimented each other. Specific roles and teamwork helped us to survive. We  then moved even further ahead  by evolving and inventing  systems to help us deal with the ever increasing complexity of life.

The ‘Captains of Industry’ such as Henry Ford would be proud of our modern day advancements. In today’s world  both partners go out and hunt for the food, we have invented the assembly line for children. They are called ‘Child Care Centres’.

From that point children are prepared for the next assembly line, the ‘School System’. This is where future hunters and gatherers are trained to survive the modern world.

Since the old peoples role of passer-on / teacher of important survival skills has been replaced by the above assembly lines, they are relegated to another institution, called an ‘Old Peoples Home’, where they pass-time.

Society is currently grappling with two awkward bed mates  There is a focus on employment and keeping people productively occupied, when at the same time, the Corporate/Technology community has a focus  on redundancy creating systems in order maintain their profits. The technology /systems that  help us to cope with our  ever expanding and more complex environment can also take our jobs away.  Governments spend our money on both employment and employment reducing technology, a contradiction and dilemma.


The older members of society were the first to lose their traditional role. We have become very good at relieving individuals of burden-some responsibilities and roles within the community. Eventually, with advancing technology and systems, we will be able to give more groups the opportunity, to pass-time. What we do with this time is up to us. Are we going to use this time wisely to live a better  life or allow ourselves to be sidelined and forgotten like many old people in homes?

I noticed a news article the other day where Slave Vehicles were attached to a lead vehicle and were able to be driven in a convoy. Each without a driver, only a passenger, who could consequently, pass-time.

Here are some past and maybe future efficiencies that have and maybe will, enable more people to ‘pass-time’.

Credit card instead of spear.

Texting instead of visiting.

Paper disposable instead of laundry services.

ATM’s instead of Bankers

Computers instead of Drivers

Can you think of any more?


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    • Oscar Oviedo
    • June 7th, 2012

    I loved your post.Thanks Again. Want more.

  1. Driverless trucks and trains in the mining industry.

  2. Self checkout machines at the market.

  3. Unmanned petrol stations

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