PERSPECTIVE (Pass, Pleasure, Problem….no pain!)

They say, ‘you get smarter as you get older’, but I think, with age and experience, you simply network ideas more efficiently and become less cluttered by attempting to view things in a more logical and less emotional manner.

As I travel-on, I find myself dealing with, both, thoughts and physical situations in the following manner.

I either treat them as:

a PASS; a situation I choose to ignore and have nothing to do with,

a PLEASURE: a situation in which I willingly get involved and enjoy,

or a PROBLEM; a problematic situation in which I choose to get involved-in and participate in finding a solution.

By using one of these three I avoid viewing anything as a PAIN.

A matter of perspective, Mr Spock!

Alan Friday

“Sometimes I do what I want to do. The rest of the time I do what I have to do.”

 The servant in the movie ‘Gladiator’



AV (Awesome Video)


(Awesome Video)

Ever wondered what would happen when we run out of oil. Have a look at this traffic in London. WOW! Look at the bit between 3.01 and 4.01, possible origins to the term ‘traffic congestion’.

Thanks to TheClassicalFun  for posting this great video on You Tube.

Positive Thinking (… a hole-in-one for Kieren!)

I read somewhere that the game of ‘Golf’ should be called ‘Life’. It condenses all of life’s ups, downs and lessons, into a few metres and a couple of hours. You can go through all the emotions, joy, misery, laughter, frustration, love and hate, all in a very short period of time. 🙂

A few years ago I was sharing a game of golf with some friends.  Through one simple comment, the game was transformed, from a frustrating experience to a very enjoyable and memorable one.

~ Kieren, more of a beginner than us other beginners, was having a frustrating time. To him, each time he hit the ball it landed in a worse position. The only thing moving in a straight line was his score, in an upwards direction, very quickly!

To make matters worse, he was playing with three semi-professional hackers who were only too willing to share a wealth of experience and mind-boggling array of clichés.

‘… don’t lift your head … ‘     ‘…let your club do the work…’

This advice, although probably quite sound in the right situation, only served to make Kieren more confused and frustrated. The saying, ‘it’s hard to see the other side of the river when you are up to your neck in crocodiles’, was very applicable in this situation.

After playing my shot I wandered over to find him pounding the ground with his club, saying,  “I can’t do this,  I’m a useless golfer!”

Having just completed my teacher training, I had newly acquired skills in dealing with situations involving self-esteem and confidence. (… so I thought!)

I said, “Kieren you can do it, be positive!

He immediately replied, “You’re  right Alan, I’m positive that I’m a useless golfer”.

He made me chuckle!


Always a hacker, I had some interesting times playing golf. I don’t remember ever getting a gross score of less than 45 for 9 holes. Although, I did get two, very lucky and joyous, hole-in-ones, within 6 month of each other. That was a long time ago.

I don’t play golf these days. Over the past 20 years or more  I have been enjoying my ‘open-water’ and ‘lap’ swimming. The sport may have changed but there is still a wealth of experience and mind-boggling array of clichés with which to harass fellow devotees with….

‘…lift your elbow…’      ‘… don’t over reach … ‘


Life’s a journey, travel light, (Hugo Boss jeans TV commercial), and above all else; enjoy!


Alan Friday



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Cogitable Quotes


(and not!)

🙂 I have collected these over a period of time 🙂
and like to pick one at random, sit back, and simply cogitate.

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Ancestors & Descendants (We have a story to tell…..and it’s still being written)

Change, Grow, Evolve

My ancestors used to hang around in a semi-liquid, primeval environment. Every now and again they would split and reproduce. When I was 18, I tried the semi-liquid environment, but got sick of the hangovers. You get wiser as you get older. I must still exhibit strong family traits, as just the other day someone called me a ‘fricking amoeba!’

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Words to Live By

Bill & Ted

Keeping within the boundaries of  ‘dignity and decency for myself and others, my life motto would be;



As the two ‘GREAT ONES’ would say;


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Ignorance Is (not aways) Bliss

In the long term I would feel better if someone told me a home truth, that hurts, rather than being left in the dark. It gives me the opportunity to recognize it and the option to change it.

In most cases, for honest communication, the truth is best known. However there are some cases where we need to use discretion. Just because it is the truth does not mean it needs to always be expressed. White lies can only have a purpose, if used with discretion and for compassionate reasons. (That’s why they are called ‘white’.)   A ‘…bandage for the soul…’,  as Katherine Kerr called it, in her book ‘Dragonspell’.

There is a big difference between telling someone the truth in an appropriate manner and/or advertising it to other people, for point scoring, patronizing or ego reasons. I suggest you question your motives if you have to out-the-truth  to anybody other than the person that it refers too.

I saw a sign once that said,

If you like our service, tell everybody. If you do not like our service, tell us!!!

It makes the good point, because they are the only ones who can change their service. If you tell others without telling them, you change nothing.

The same principle can be applied to ‘telling people truths’. If you must comment about somebody, it changes nothing if you tell others, but finding a way to tell them, gives them the chance to make change. (…or a chance to tell you where to go….)


Alan Friday

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