Most religions, I have seen,

give good advice on how to live, as a human being,

containing good principles, with dignity and decency

as their theme,

are still valuable and applicable in this modern


\The historical supernatural part, should be set-aside,

invented by humans to manipulate, push and to guide,

rituals, carrying symbolism, with the mysterious


an invisible deity, to reward/punish those

who do and don’t abide.

by Alan Friday




I came from the land of the sun,

I didn’t give a damn any more.

Suicidal, had no answers,

I was going to end it all.

I had no worries, a dead man walking,

nothing could touch ‘me’ anymore.

I walked where I chose, I had no fear,

from a new perspective I saw.

The shackles were gone, I had no limits,

common decency my only law.

Its funny how, with the fresh view,

life provides a new door.

With this new freedom came renewed strength,

new experiences relished, never a chore.

So, if you feel you have no reason to live,

choose life! off the shackles, move the boundaries and walls.

Alan  Friday

The Three Wise Monkeys

SEE no evil, HEAR no evil & SPEAK no evil’

A nice mantra! but not a mantra to be used 100% of the time.

Common sense should dictate when to guard  your own thoughts and messages and when to guard against others’ thoughts and messages.

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