(Awesome Videos)

Good advice. Don’t go looking for the meaning of LIFE. simply FILL YOUR LIFE!

Is your life boring? Get ready for the ride!! cos this is great.

Ever wondered what would happen when we run out of oil. Have a look at this traffic in London. WOW! Look at the bit between 3.01 and 4.01, possible origins to the term ‘traffic congestion’.

*Ronnie and I.T. He hasn’t lost it!

*Thanks to; ‘Little London Observationist’ for finding this gem. These images are bursting with life.


* Don’t let the kids walk to school while these birds are hunting!!!

(Check out the size of the birds at the end of the video and how they grip the jaws of the wolves.)

* I love this one! (short and sweet)

* A brilliant video, long but well worth the time!

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